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The Executive Council of the Barbados Workers’ Union…
   |    (30.10.18)
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   |    (15.10.18)
The Executive Council of the Barbados Workers’…
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Membership is open to any worker not under the age of sixteen years employed in any trade, industry, agricultural or other occupation or calling  (subject to the discretion of the Executive Council). At present there is an application fee of $5.00 and the current subscription rate is $6.00 per week or $26.00 per month or $312.00 per year.

Why join a Union?

  1. It provides protection from unfair treatment and unfair dismissal. This ensures job security
  2. You benefit from negotiated wages and salaries and conditions of employment
  3. The union can help if you have a complaint against management or management has a complaint against you.
  4. You are protected against threats to your health and safety at work.
  5. You participate in decision-making  at your place of work
  6. You can take industrial action in support of your rights.
  7. On your own you have no chance of dealing with the management on anything on equal terms.
  8. You have some 25,000 other members standing with you and your best interest. You are also part of a vast local and international family.
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