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The Executive Council of the Barbados Workers’ Union…
   |    (30.10.18)
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The Executive Council of the Barbados Workers’…
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BWU Continues to Exercise Its Influence

The Executive Council is pleased that the Barbados Workers’ Union is continuing to exercise it influence in the struggle both within, and beyond the limits of the island’s national borders.

The Executive Council is proud to observe this with the elevation of both the Executive Assistant to the General Secretary, Comrade Gillian Alleyne and the General Secretary, Comrade Toni Moore to positions of influence with the Movement regionally and internationally. In October, 2016 Comrade Alleyne was elected as the first female General Secretary of the Caribbean Congress of Labour and in June, this year, Comrade Moore was elected to the Governing Body of the International Labour Organisation. In addition to functioning at various levels of leadership within several Global Union Federations, the B.W.U. is also particularly pleased that it has been able to renew its relationship with the Canadian Labour Congress which, earlier this year created history by electing the first female Secretary Treasurer, Marie Clarke-Walker.

The B.W.U. reaffirms it commitment to putting people first, to having its membership participate in setting its agenda and to integrating identified areas of priority within the context of our enduring values to shape our country, our unions and ourselves for a sustainable future. We remained focused on ensuring that your voice is heard